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A photo recovery solution with unique characteristics and an attractive price!
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10 February 2009

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Digital cameras have come across as a blessing for novice photographers as these easy to use devices have made it possible for many photo enthusiasts to pursue their hobby. Digital cameras essentially capture digital images on a small chip; a memory card, which further can be copied and stored on our computers. Now imagine a situation where your favorite photo collection got deleted or corrupted from the memory of your camera. Well in such cases you should look for an apt tool for recovering the images and it is possible with the help of Hetman Photo Recovery 2.1.5, which supports the recovery of the lost images though a sophisticated sequential process.

The Hetman Photo Recovery 2.1.5 can recover all types of images formats form nearly any storage media. On launch the program displays a list of drives it detected on your PC, for recovering the images from. Next is the step that deals with analyzing the drive to search for the deleted files. The analysis progress is displayed with the bar placed at the bottom side that indicates what percentage of the drive has been analyzed. You can anytime terminate the process with Stop option, if you wish to recover the images from a different drive. As the analysis goes on, the entire recovered images are displayed on the program screen with thumbnail view. Further, the program is equipped with Filter, Sort, View, Clear Selection, Invert Selection, and Preview options. Making necessary selections, you need to mark the images you want to restore, and press ‘Next’. With the coming step, you have to select the Recovery output folder, and also can enable the feature to restore folder structure. Now pressing ‘Next’, the program begins to restore the images at the specified folder.

With the Hetman Photo Recovery 2.1.5, you can conveniently recover all your deleted images from any drive or other storage media in quick time. It’s effortless wizard-based functioning and smoothly carried out recovery process earns the utility a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Digital photography revolutionized the way we take pictures. No need to worry about film, exposition, luminosity and other things, the digital brain of your camera will take care of this and will cram thousands of photos onto a memory card the size of a nail.
Unfortunately, the abundance of technological marvels doesn't guarantee the complete security of your photos. Accidents still happen, a power failure, a computer crash, a virus attack or improper handling of a memory card or a USB flash drive can damage your photos and make you think that they are lost forever. If you would like to have an efficient remedy for such situations, make sure you don't miss Hetman Photo Recovery...a new photo recovery solution with unique characteristics and an attractive price!
The intuitive wizard-driven interface of this software makes the process of restoring your lost photo collection as easy as 1-2-3. Supporting all types of modern media, image file formats (including the RAW format) and file systems, Hetman Photo Recovery is a versatile tool that will be equally appreciated by both novices and users who have already used similar solutions.
The proprietary scanning and recovery engine based on a unique algorithm enables Hetman Photo Recovery to outperform its nearest competitors by a fair margin and recover images that others cannot even detect! What's more, the software is able to recover images from compressed, encrypted and even damaged or formatted volumes, which makes it a life-saver in situations when nothing seems to help. Hetman Photo Recovery allows you to preview all recoverable images prior to copying them to a safe location, as well as use zooming and filters to select the photos you really need.
Hetman Photo Recovery is reliable, inexpensive and amazingly efficient. It will get your lost files back in the most desperate situations.
Hetman Photo Recovery
Hetman Photo Recovery
Version 2.1.5
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